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Latest trends in the sports world – the role of sport event management companies – a practical perspective from India

Guest blog written by Rahul Sharma, content writer & sports analyst specialized in the business of sports who has been associated with the Front Foot group – (Kenneth Cortsen, ed.).


The world of sports is a place of happenings, and throughout the year, there will be some event or the other, which attracts the attention of the general public and the media. That is one of the reasons why sports events and sports personalities are enjoying an undisputed status in the world of advertising. When you take a list, you can find more sports personalities as models or brand ambassadors than the number of celebrities from any other sector.

The world of sports was not like this a few decades back. Except for the national level and international level events, it was very difficult to get sponsors. Though, some sports like cricket, tennis, football, etc could manage the task as there were heavy fan following, and hence, there were no problems associated with finding sponsorships. However, that was not the situation for many other sports. When you look back in history, you will find many sports that have had difficulties regarding revenue generation.

Arrival of sports event management companies, one of the growing tendencies in the world of sports, has helped many sports to survive in this world. The role of such companies will be to organize different sports events. These companies have sparked the commercialization in the sports world, thus also helping athletes to maximize revenues from commercial partnerships. This change assists athletes to be able to concentrate on their sporting performances. This has increased the quality of the sports performances as well, which is a positive circle in the future hunt for commercial revenues.

These companies are mainly responsible for making sports a profitable profession by exploiting its popularity and the ability to attract people. Taking sports to more sophisticated venues and by enabling live telecasts, these companies have created large number of viewers for each and every sports event. Introducing cheer girls is a new concept adopted by some of these companies to increase the number of spectators even more. Even this new technique has clicked well and it is attracting more viewers.

Secondly, these companies played an important role in turning athletes into celebrities. They did it by casting them in various commercials and linking them to ‘larger than life images’ by highlighting their achievements. Thus, sports events have become opportunities for thousands of fans to see their heroes in real life. This trend also boosted the number of viewers for sports events.

As a result of the changes in the entire sports world, the athletes started attracting enhanced respect from society, more and more enthusiastic youngsters have chosen this profession. By undergoing hard and relevant training, they tried their best to excel in their sector. This has enhanced the overall quality of the sports. When sporting events have become ‘money-earning events’, even the authorities also started adding more facilities to improve this sector. As a result, many modern stadiums and playgrounds have come up across the world in the recent past.

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