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Skærmbillede 2023-08-06 kl. 11.16.49

Højlunds transfer til Manchester United er et relevant mærkat for dansk fodbold

Vi skal tilbage til 1990erne for at finde nogle af milepælene, der har virket som en katalysator for udviklingen i professionel fodbold. Reformationen og rebrandingen af turneringsformater som Premier League, UEFA Champions League og Superligaen er et eksempel, der gav ny næring til fodboldens professionelle, kommercielle og økonomiske udvikling. Globaliseringen i samfundet er et andet […]

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Skærmbillede 2021-05-12 kl. 13.29.12

Football economy, the European Super League and a history that repeats itself

Instead of attempting to fix the challenging balance between revenue generation and high costs as well as the risks of how soft budget constraints and a global crisis (e.g., COVID-19) play together, the global top clubs went down the road of ‘ego avenue’ for a quick fix in relation to their breakaway attempt in the […]

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Success over time highlights Liverpool FC’s strong ethos of fighting back

Once upon a time depicts the start of a fairy tale. Nonetheless, this expression also illustrates the chronicle of past events influencing a modern football brand like that of Liverpool FC. The meaning of history and legacy in influencing the presence and future of a football brand is vital. In addition, the meaning of the […]

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Liverpool FC Sports Business Institute

Top football rivalries combine historic content and big business – the case of Manchester United and Liverpool FC

Today’s Premier League match between Manchester United and Liverpool FC gives the word ‘competition’ an interesting dimension. The driving force of the modern football economy is the passionate fan identification, which among other things is associated with the fierce rivalry and the obsession linked to today’s match and the strong historic content and legacy of […]

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