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Kenneth Cortsen

Via a position at University College of Northern Denmark (UCN), Kenneth Cortsen has helped develop and implement the first professional (applied sciences) bachelor’s degree in sport management in Denmark as well as other educational and research activities related to sport economics, sport management, and sport marketing. This includes collaboration with various sport organizations and personalities in Denmark and abroad, which has provided a better framework for sport management research in Denmark.

As a researcher linked to Centre for Corporate Communication at Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Cortsen’s research focuses on the intersection between sport marketing, sport economics, and sport management and involves collaboration with several important actors connected to the sports industry, ranging from corporations, sport organizations and athletes – including Carlsberg, Hummel, NFL, DIF, DBU, Annika Sörenstam, Brandi Chastain etc. These research initiatives have facilitated an in-depth understanding of important commercial mechanisms in sports and has coined the term hybrid sports branding. His research also encompasses strategic CSR in sports and commercial business models in sports seen from an economic brand perspective.

As a result of his research, Cortsen has travelled across international research environments, including research visits or research collaboration at the University of San Francisco, Harvard Business School and University of Northern Colorado. Based on his knowledge and expertise, Cortsen contributes with comments in different media’s coverage of commercial problem areas in Danish and International sport. Cortsen has also conducted reviews of academic work for the European Association of Sport Management and for Sport, Business, Management – an international journal.

Additionally, Cortsen has consulted for various clients in the sports industry and written articles and conducted research for a knowledge centre under the umbrella of UCN.

Among others, clients include: