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Skærmbillede 2022-07-01 kl. 12.02.39

Lad os nu anskue Tour de France i Danmark fra et helhedsperspektiv

Når de danske veje bliver genstand for en stort international sportsevent, så medfølger der naturligvis en masse spørgsmål. I præ-eventfasen er der spørgsmål omkring ‘feasibility’, som i den her kontekst kan oversættes til ‘kan det betale sig?’ at afholde denne event på dansk grund. Det ved vi mere om, når der er gået nogle måneder, […]

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Skærmbillede 2021-02-03 kl. 15.14.49

Scandinavian countries build bridges through sports

Under the hashtag #DetSomBinderOsSammen (‘what ties us together’ would be a quick and reasonable translation), Øresundsbron portrays important building stones in Scandinavian societies such as the role of sports in relation to democratic values and sports as a community driver. As I have written with two co-authors in an article, which will be published in […]

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Skærmbillede 2020-12-30 kl. 14.10.43

Football, cooperation, CSR & commercialization may move leagues, clubs and societies forward – the case of Responsiball’s CSR-ranking

The tenth edition of Responsiball’s annual CSR (corporate social responsibility) ranking of international and professional football leagues’ and clubs’ governance, environmental and social commitments is now online. The ranking takes a ‘triple bottom line’ approach to motivate professional football clubs and leagues to greater standards of responsibility and accountability. Based on some of my research […]

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Stephen Curry & Golden State Warriors scoring points on the court and in #SportsBiz

A professional sports league is synonymous with its athletes. However, there are different scales for superstars and Stephen Curry stands out. He is an emphatic and intelligent player who has gone beyond local, regional and national status and become a face of the league and a proud athletic icon of not only the Bay Area […]

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