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Puma & Usain Bolt – activation of brand relationships in sport

Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world and his personal sponsor PUMA ‘make some time to hang’. As part of PUMA’s activation of the sponsorship deal, five people from around the globe were picked for a chance to #HANGWITHBOLT on August 27, 2013.

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Photo: PUMA’s sponsorship deals with Usain Bolt (Source: Sport Marketing Frontiers, 2013).

After the World Championships in Moscow where Bolt won three gold medals, he participated in a live Google Hangout On Air event with five lucky winners of a PUMA-generated competition. The competition emphasized PUMA’s strategy to engage with sports fans through a format where fans were asked to ‘show their skills’ for an opportunity to #HANGWITHBOLT. It did not matter whether the fan was a football player, distance runner, or skateboarder – PUMA stressed the importance of TALENT and SKILLS. Additionally, fans were asked to share photos with #DONTBLINKWORLD on social media platforms Google+, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram in order to win the some air time with Bolt.

More specifically, PUMA wanted fans to:


1) Take a photo that shows your skill

2) Upload to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


4) SAVE THE DATE for our Google Hangout with Usain Bolt on Tuesday, August 27
(Source: PUMA)

All in all, this is an example of a great way to connect with fans through the activation of a personal sponsorship deal with a worldclass athlete.



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