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Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 may give women’s soccer ‘a new roadmap for success’

Fifa Women’s World Cup Germany 2011 succeeded in creating ‘good content’ and thus positive ‘fan appeal’. The tournament reflected high attendance rates and TV-ratings compared with ‘the ordinary numbers’ associated with women’s soccer. Additionally, the tournament became a financial success, which highlights Germany’s capability of attracting, promoting and hosting mega-events in sports.

In Denmark, we have seen that the Danish FA (DBU) is eager to take advantage of the increasing number of female players. Such development trends raise new opportunities for commercialization efforts. Although the men’s national team acts as the most powerful platform in terms of securing revenues for FAs, the growing interest for women’s soccer (in Denmark this is primary something, which relates to participation) also spreads to other levels of interest and hence new segments to target for marketers.

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