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The value of LeBron James under discussion….. released a story about ‘one of the heroes of basketball in the US and in the NBA’, LeBron James. According to that source, LeBron James is underpaid by $14,883,496. Arguments point toward the fact that LeBron James should make more money annually given the value, which he brings to the franchise, which he works for (Miami Heat at the moment). Another argument, which lead people in the same direction, goes towards the fact that LeBron James’ competencies and star qualities have helped Miami Heat to win games, to enhance attendance numbers & ticket prices, to increase TV-ratings and the number of nationally televised games. Add to that merchandise sales (James equals NBA’s top-selling jersey), increased brand strength and its relationship with sponsorship revenues, and higher franchise value.

LeBron James Is Underpaid

“LeBron James Is Underpaid” – An infographic by the team at

But when all comes to all, contracts in professional sports are subject to negotiations and this process will turn out in the way that there are good and bad deals. I think that neither Miami Heat or LeBron James are dissatisfied…..Though, it is an interesting story to hear that a super star is underpaid – that goes against what most people (in ordinary jobs) think. I mean, I hear and understand the arguments but………….I don’t think that anyone suffers here 🙂



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