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Looking at wages and turnover in the English Premier League 2011-2012

This post will give you an indication of what it takes financially to compete with the best football clubs in the UK (Premier League). It also reflects my earlier statement that ‘football is a money game’.

According to the Guardian, the Premier League clubs collectively lost £205 mio. in 2011-2012. This is the case at a point in time where the Premier League has experienced rapid commercialization and thus a total income of £2.4 bn. Despite increasing revenues in many clubs over a longer period of time, the players ‘are still going strong’ and they receive a big pool of money (one of the consequences of the Bosman ruling). 

8 clubs were profitable that year. Arsenal was leading that race with a profit of £37 mio. before tax (Swansea was no. 2 with a profit of £17 mio. before tax). Manchester City was no. 1 in terms of the ‘biggest loss, i.e. £99 mio. before tax. The total wage bill accounted for 67 % of the clubs’ turnover. For more information, check out the figure below:



The Guardian


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