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Handball – positioning of handball in the UK in relation to London 2012 Olympics

There are huge interests at stake in relation to the Olympic Games. Staging this mega-event corresponds with the ‘movement’ of $. This video looks at the commercialization efforts linked to how the British Handball Federation prepared for the London 2010 Olympics. To consider the impact of the Olympic Games, take a look at the following citation:

“The economic dimension of the Olympic Games can neither be determined by a single figure nor by comparing several Games, depending as it does on both the economic intention of the politicians and the development level and size of the city. Smaller and/or less industrialized cities must invest much more in their infrastructure than larger cities. Therefore, ‘expensive’ and ‘cheap’ Games can be distinguished.” (Preuss, 2004, p. 32).

In terms of sponsorship, London 2012 reached of 3.6 billion people globally, which is the highest in Olympic Games history. These people were reached in in 220 countries and territories worldwide. At the same time, London 2012 experienced more media coverage than ever before.

Take a look at the video below to learn what the British Handball Federation got out of being associated with London 2012 Olympics.



To learn more about Olympic Sponsorship and commercialization, click here.


Preuss, H. (2004). The economics of staging the Olympics: a comparison of the Games, 1972-2008. Edward Elgar Pub. Northampton, Massachusetts, the US.



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