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Beckham – the power of a super brand – and a ‘living’ brand

The ‘Beckham brand’ is still going strong. Recently, we have learned about his move to Paris Saint Germain (PSG) and thus back to European top football and a re-entrance to football’s finest stage, i.e. the UEFA Champions League. Although, Beckham finds himself in the autumn/winter of his playing career at the age of 37, his brand strength does not yet match this stage. Limited playing time does not correspond with his popularity off the pitch. There is still enormous buzz generated around Beckham’s personal sports brand.

As an example, Beckham was in China this week to promote football, see more here. He has become the ambassador for the Chinese Super League (CSL). As part of that, his brand strength shined on a Chinese high school where Beckham played football with and talked in front of the students. The value with being associated with the ‘Beckham brand’ is still high and the demand for the ‘Beckham brand’, which is mirrored through Beckham’s variety of brand strengthening initiatives, does not seem to slow down yet. For that to happen, his effect on different commercial parameters is too high! Although, his on-pitch contributions have decreased (Zlatan and others seems to be more important for the on-pitch success of PSG than Beckham), Beckham still has an impact on attendances and buzz around the team. The Beckham team also knows the value of TV. Beckham equals ‘maximizing rhythms’ in terms of merchandising and the Beckham couple (David and Victoria) still possesses much media power in relation to the fashion world and pop culture in general. Finally, his power as an endorser is huge, which is displayed in huge chunk of money stemming from his endorsement deals. Suddenly, PSG sees increased global reach with Beckham’s arrival. Beckham is for sure still a ‘bankable’ brand.

Another look at the popularity and the lucrative business of the ‘Beckham brand’, click here.

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