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The significance of a ‘multimedia’ approach to build a sports brand – NFL case….

“The effective and seamless blending of image, music, and voice may also account for the National Football League’s rise to prominence in the television era. By the 1960s, most Americans understood football as a sport.” (Hardy et al., 2012, p. 497).

This citation marks that media and especially the evolution of new media (moving from photographs and radios into an era of television…..) are key constituents of sports branding. In today’s postmodern sports landscape, even more media types have emerged. The influx of social media adds to the sports branding process and may supplement television and other mediums to cultivate consumers’ brand preferences. The NFL is suited for television and social media does not seem to slow down the popularity of the sport. Television and the ‘framing of football constructed by NFL Films’ have helped many consumers fall in love with the NFL.

In shaping the popularity of the brand of the NFL, John Facenda player a central role. Although, he was not a football expert, he had a sense of drama and a voice, which became synonymous with football. As a result of the 1966 television feature “They Call It Pro Football”, the viewers labelled Facenda the “Voice of God”. In 1986, an article in New York Times Magazine featured a story, which concluded that “It could be argued, in fact, that even more than the live telecasts of the games themselves, the work of NFL Films has shaped America’s sense of what professional football is about.” (Hardy et al., 2012, p. 497).

Take a look at the video below to get a sense of the work of Facenda and NFL Films:

Overall, this example reflects that media has the power to extend existing sports brands and may also possess the power to launch and cultivate new sports brands. In this equation, a multimedia approach seems like a serendipitous activity capable of engaging all senses in the branding process and that enhances brand positioning.


Hardy, S., Norman, B., & Sceery, S. (2012). Toward a history of sport branding. Journal of Historical Research in Marketing4(4), 482-509.

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