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What star players are top sellers in the NFL?

According to Forbes, NFL brings in over $9 billion in revenues and the average NFL team is worth around $1.2 billion. The latter is a 30% increase since Commissioner Roger Goodell took over in 2006. Revenues from merchandise sales account for an essential part of NFL’s business model. Super stars like QBs Colin Kaepernick and Peyton Manning lead the list in terms of measuring players’ impact on NFL merchandise sales. Average player salaries has also been enhanced in that period.

Colin Kaepernick from 49’ers and Peyton Manning from Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson from Seattle Seahawks came out as #1, #2 and #3 NFL players with the best selling jerseys.

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Photo: Top-selling NFL jerseys (source: NFL).


In a time where the business of sports is characterized by increasing fragmentation, the NFL is still going strong and its commercial rights do not seem to suffer. The league is a perfect fit for TV as well as other media platform and this aspect helps to drive its business model. The league appeals to the masses and its brand power is enormous. The hunt for more commercialization has led the league to improved and skyrocketing growth rates in terms of revenues. Furthermore, the exposure of the league and its fit with TV also links well with the corporate world. Some would call it ‘commercial noise’ but during NFL games viewers are exposed to numerous commercials and it keeps the train going.

The video below gives you insight into the personality of Colin Kaepernick and refers to a previous ranking list in contrast to the picture above.










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