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Social media is an engagement platform that brings sports brands closer to their audiences – case of sports stars’ social media use

In my recent post about social media applications as a way to more profitable stakeholder relationships in the business of sports, check here, I commented on some of the many commercial opportunities tied to sports stars’ social media presence. Basketball star Jeremy Lin is one example of how proper online appearances have changed the nature […]

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Popularity of sports on TV and other platforms – promising numbers but sports must continue to consider data analysis

It is not undisclosed that sports act as a force of attraction on the global population. Brands of professional sports leagues, teams and athletes are constantly shaped and re-shaped (often to a higher degree than ordinary brands) for what reason decision makers in the business of sports should scan the environments around their brand(s) to […]

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What star players are top sellers in the NFL?

According to Forbes, NFL brings in over $9 billion in revenues and the average NFL team is worth around $1.2 billion. The latter is a 30% increase since Commissioner Roger Goodell took over in 2006. Revenues from merchandise sales account for an essential part of NFL’s business model. Super stars like QBs Colin Kaepernick and Peyton […]

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NFL, Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning – economic impact & commercial interdependence

Denver Broncos from the NFL experienced its ‘first loss’ of this year’s NFL-season when the team played Indianapolis Colts this weekend (7th game of the season). Broncos won the first 6 games of the season and quarterback Peyton Manning has played a leading role in this great accomplishment with new ‘passing records’. The ironic echo […]

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The NFL & branding – how the economics of the NFL influences consumer behavior

The economics of the NFL has a penetrating influence on consumer behavior. One example of this is brought to football fans via the endorsement deals of the league’s star players. The video below is a perfect example. It displays Eli and Peyton Manning in a commercial for DIRECTV, which questions whether or not a phone […]

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