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Tim Tebow’s kaleidoscopic brand evolution


Since coming off the bench and helping his former team Denver Broncos into the playoff in last year’s NFL season, Tim Tebow’s brand status has experienced ‘rollercoaster’ progression. In the NFL playoff last season, the ‘Tebow’ name received extremely high rates of exposure and recognition at several platforms ranging from political speeches to social media and traditional mass media. Consequently, Tebow became a ‘highly demanded’ endorser enjoyed by brands such as Nike, Jockey and EA Sports. In other words, he became another star athlete crossing the border between popular culture, sports, and branding.  He reflected a personality capable of making him a very popular household name without the negative risk factors characterizing other male sports super stars. His personality and actions certainly reached far beyond football.


In front of a new playoff season in the NFL, keep in mind that an important brand influencer for sports brands is SUCCESS ON THE FIELD. From his iconic status with the Broncos in the end of last season to a new reality as a backup quarterback for the New York Jets without much playing time, Tebow’s marketing potential has not lived up to the expectations predicted last season when Tebow’s name was ‘hotter’ than warm chocolate on a cold Christmas day. Time will show if Tebow will rise again soon and strive to combine playing time and good performances with unparalleled capitalization on his brand positioning – most likely not linked to the New York Jets.


As supplemental reading, check out this funny piece from DJ Gallo, ESPN.





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