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Fan relationship management as a way to go beyond traditional product and service offerings – including case insights into the football club AaB of the Danish Super League

  Photos: From AaB’s training match vs. HSV from the German Bundesliga in Flensburg. Due to the professionalization and commercialization of football (and sports in general), the postmodern football economy is characterized by increased focus on fan relations. In that regard, the Danish Super League and its clubs have joined this trend and hired fan […]

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Fan engagement in the business of sports in 2015

About a week ago, I came home from a good visit in Boston planned due to an inspirational collaboration with Professor Stephen Greyser from Harvard Business School. In his book The Business of Sports, Stephen deals with a holistic approach in terms of analyzing the vitality and omnipresence of sports fans and how these fans […]

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PlayMakers’ Club – an IMG-product striving to revolutionize hospitality experiences in sports

“Sport sponsorship has become an increasingly important part of intercollegiate athletic revenue generation as universities have been forced to seek new and creative ways to fund their programs.” (Weight et al., 2010, p. 119). Photo: PlayMakers’ Club logo. Sports sponsorship inventory continues to evolve as part of the development, which is highlighted in the above-mentioned citation. That includes […]

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Fan relationship management – ‘breaking through the clutter’

Tell me, and I will forget.
 Show me, and I may remember.
 Involve me, and I will understand. (Confucius, BC 450) Video: stimulating football fans before ‘El Classico’, i.e. FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid. Fan relationship management is a ‘mind game’ in the sense that the strongest sports entities are those capable of positioning themselves […]

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