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Football marketing – activation of players and coaches – Liverpool FC case

Research has shown that sports stars and celebrities are very influential in relation to young sports fans regarding these fans’ behavioral intentions in switching products, producing brand loyalty and word-of-mouth. That concludes that sports stars are significant socialization with huge potential of impact on purchase intentions and consumption patterns (Dix et al., 2010; Appelbaum et al., 2012).

Liverpool FC (LFC) emphasizes the vitality of the club’s players and coaches and their relationship to fan experiences and long-term fan retention via intense integration of players and coaches in innovative marketing and branding platforms. “Kop Kids”  is a new ‘stand’, which LFC applies to build a strong (and hopefully lifelong) relationship with the ‘youngest’ and ‘most energetic’ fan segments. The ‘stand’ provides these segments with exceptional admittance to LFC and its most important brand assets, e.g. former and current players and coaches. This is brought to fans in ‘entertaining’ and ‘fun’ ways.

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Photo: From Liverpool FC’s official “Kop Kids” web site.

As you will EXPERIENCE in some of the videos below, you will see that “Kop Kids” displays scenarios where these players or coaches are facing various and unusual challenges, e.g. face2face interviews with young and enthusiastic LFC-fans. Players and coaches must prepare themselves to answer ‘warm-hearted’ and ‘intuitive’ questions, which are SO original and honest when they are asked by young fans. In the interview with Steven Gerrard, the young interviewer does not accept the LFC-captain’s offer to be best friends because it is too improbable.

Additional sources:

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Liverpool FC’s official YouTube channel for “Kop Kids”.

Recommended reading:

Lines, G. (2001). Villains, fools or heroes? Sports stars as role models for young people. Leisure studies, 20(4), 285-303.





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