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Basketball in Denmark – commercialization challenges

Compared to other and more commercialized sports, Danish basketball clubs are facing different challenges. Basketball is a relative small sport in Denmark and that adds some complexity to commercialization efforts of the clubs. First of all, the sport does not have the same lucrative broadcasting deals and thus media exposure as the ‘no. 1’ commercialized sport football/soccer. Second, the sport does not have the same fan base (attendance rates) for the games as football/soccer. These two examples act as clear examples of the fact that basketball in Denmark must work hard to exploit its commercial potential, i.e. to generate higher revenues. The sponsorship area is tightly connected to the first two challenges and it is another revenue stream, which is interesting from the perspective of commercialization.

This post entails a video interview with Thomas Quade. The interview takes the audience through some of these challenges and provides a road map of where Danish basketball is going in the years to come. Thomas is a basketball enthusiast and he has worked intensively with the development in basketball for years. He is a former coach for the Danish youth national team in basketball, has coached in other elite environments in Europe and in the US and now has a role an expert basketball commentator on Danish TV. See the interview below.

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