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The sports world is very dynamic

Peyton Manning is magnificent” is a comment recently published by CBS Denver. Magnificent is a fine keyword describing Manning’s performances for Denver Broncos this season; a season where Manning has played a significant role in taking Broncos to the playoff as a no. 1 seed. On top of that, he has already set his own Broncos records. Still, Manning tends to be a strong team player putting team success above individual praise; such a character may lead the Broncos to another Super Bowl title.

Getting into the playoff as a no. 1 seed illustrates the Manning/Broncos/NFL show this season. Football fans have not been questioning what Manning has done for the NFL or the sport of football. He has been an outstanding athlete for many years and a great ambassador for the sport. Still, there were question marks regarding his future role as a quarterback in the NFL due to his age and injury level last season. Former Broncos star quarterback and Super Bowl winner John Elway and the rest of the Broncos administration had the courage to take a chance on Manning. Broncos got rid off ‘marketing sensation’ Tim Tebow, who came off the bench last season and ended up with some game changing performances. Instead, they brought in Manning and found stable performances at a high level and experienced leadership. This may be the guiding force, which will provide the team with confidence in a championship run. Manning’s popularity is high among teammates and external stakeholders. He is a good spokesperson for the team. Additionally, the way in which he represents himself on and off the field has also made him appealing for endorsement deals.

Though, the interesting piece in this story about Manning is an exemplification of how fast things can go in the business of sports. Tebow has had a ‘rollercoaster’ experience spanning from his ‘popularity peak’ with the Broncos to being on the bench with the Jets but Manning has experienced the same – yet in a different direction since he moved from ‘question mark status’ with the Colts to ‘season hero and Super Bowl potential’ with the Broncos. The dynamics of the sports world is definitely a learning lesson in the sense that sports brands can extend their strength or lifetime by ‘staying on top’ in terms of performances on the field. Consecutive wins and titles is ESSENTIAL in professional sports.


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