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En kinesisk revolution – fra miniput til mastodont?

Foto: Investeringslysten er stor i kinesisk fodbold (kilde: Asian Football Confederation). Med en placering på FIFA’s verdensrangliste som nummer 93 bag nationer som Botswana og Uzbekistan, er Kina en miniput i fodboldens verden. Den nuværende udvikling i landet indikerer dog, at dette er på vej til at ændres. Senest smadrede Jiangsu Suning transferrekorden ved at […]

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Analytical highlights from football’s transfer market – market activities and mobility patterns

Based on data from the FIFA Transfer Matching System GmbH (FIFA TMS, 2014), the volume of international transfers concluded in 2013 increased to 12,309 (+4.4% compared to 2012). On the 31st of January 2013, FIFA TMS reported 302 transfers on what was coined the year’s busiest day. Some key facts related to market activity and […]

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Football & the ‘transfer circus’ – star players are part of the clubs’ spending spree

Although different European countries are still struggling to recover from the mode of financial crisis, the football economy is different and hence is characterized by a ‘spending spree’. Competent football players are still in high demand. According to FIFA (2013), total income from 5,204 transfers worldwide was $928.8 mio. (£612 mio). Despite the fact that the […]

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