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A perfect fit: football fan culture and beer

Carlsberg has upgraded its existence in football. The company has signed a contract to become the official beer partner of the English Premier League. Carlsberg builds on previous experiences concerning a strong presence in top football. Presence in association with top football clubs or competitions such as Liverpool FC and UEFA competitions (EURO, 1988-2008) has described Carlsberg’s marketing methods for years. The slogan ‘Part of the Game’ reinforced Carlsberg’s position in the football culture. Additionally, the partnership with Liverpool FC proved very rewarding for Carlsberg measured on the attention and activation linked to Liverpool FC’s European performances and hence the Carlsberg-produced movie ‘The Miracle’, which showcased Liverpool FC’s epic win against AC Milan in the UEFA Champions League final in 2005). In general, beer and football displays a perfect fit. Other beer companies have pursued similar strategies, e.g. Heineken’s partnership with UEFA Champions League and Budweiser’s partnership with FIFA World Cup.


For Carlsberg, the new partnership with the Premier League gives Carlsberg unique activation and exposure opportunities on a global scale. Sport bars, restaurants, logo activation in relation to Premier League games and retail campaigns illustrate some of the strengths for Carlsberg but most importantly the company strengthens its presence in new markets. Asia is one of Carlsberg’s most important growth markets and combined with the growing interest for sports and the power of the Premier League brand in Asia, Carlsberg positions its brand well and will most likely see that reflection in its turnover in Asia. At the same time, it appears to be a good deal for Carlsberg given the fact that the company gains access to the entire Premier League instead of an isolated access to a particular club, which in the long run would be more expensive measured on the trade-off between price of the deal and ROI.


Carlsberg stated the following in response to the outcome of the deal:


“At a time when we are fully committed to growing the Carlsberg brand, it is fantastic to be associated with such an iconic football property as the Premier League,” Tom Moradpour, vice president of the Carlsberg brand, see more.


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