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UEFA Champions League reflecting the appealing spectacle of professional football

Different scholars have brought much in-depth knowledge about why sports fans engage with professional sports properties (Funk & James, 2001; Funk, 2001; Kahle & Close). The UEFA Champions League tournament and this year’s quarter finals exemplify some of these patterns. The general motivational factors tied to sports event participation and/or viewership, i.e. socialization, performance, excitement, […]

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Football players, asset management and the unexploited potential of enhanced player engagement in football management and football marketing.

As an appetizer for the book Marketing & Football: an international perspective (Desbordes, 2012), it is emphasized that (see citation below) “Football is arguably one of the most important sports in the world, and the marketing of football has become an increasingly important issue, as clubs and product owners need to generate more revenue from […]

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Football and power – an inevitable marriage in the most popular sport worldwide

Football is a ‘money game’, which I have highlighted in previous posts on this blog. As a result of the huge flow of money in the most appealing and popular sport globally, there are also significant ramifications such as the natural power battles and missions, which are often interrelated with apparent cashflows. Football has undergone […]

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Gæsteindlæg: Gillette – ‘The best a man can get’ – og sport som brandingplatform

Skrevet af danske sportsmanagement-studerende: Christian Beltoft-Andersen, Anders Nørgaard Møller, Christina Johnsen, Anne Karlsen og Birgitte Raundahl Jensen – (red. Kenneth Cortsen). Billede: danske sportsmanagement-studerende, jf. ovennævnte navne. Sports-branding er mere end et nemt navn og et smart logo. Et brand har til opgave at sælge et produkt til en bestemt målgruppe, hvor produktet lever op til […]

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Transfer market activities bring excitement and dynamism to the world of football

In the business of football (soccer), leagues, clubs, and players are objects of concentrated discussions and media attention in periods when transfer market activities are peaking. From a business perspective, clubs and leagues find themselves in a context characterized by ‘a pursuit of X-factor’ while the players are striving to find a good balance between […]

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