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Christiano Ronaldo’s hunger sets the standard for football’s global superstars

Photos: Christiano Ronaldo’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Football (soccer in the US) is as the world’s most popular sport a ’true superstar economy’. People in all regions of the world recognize or may even identify with the sport’s top player. At the pinnacle of the sport’s most prestigious individual award ceremony stands Christiano Ronaldo […]

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Real Madrid’s earning power

Real Madrid leads Deloitte’s ‘Money List’ in terms of revenues. Part of Real Madrid’s success is associated with the club’s attractiveness for sponsors. This year, Real Madrid signed a shirt-sponsorship deal with Emirates (airline) – a 5-year deal with an annual value of approximately $39 mio (Sport Marketing Frontiers, 2013). To exemplify Real Madrid’s brand […]

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A look at how brand positioning may work with sports sponsorships

When engaging themselves in sports sponsorships, rights holders as well as sponsors should emphasize an optimal integration of ‘brand positioning’ (objective) in the sponsorship solution. The vitality of this process is aligned with what the involved brands want to be associated with, i.e. how the brands would like consumers (and other stakeholders) to perceive them. […]

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