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The FIFA World Cup is a powerful and transformative football party

In approximately one week, the FIFA World Cup will kick off in Brazil. This sporting mega-event will put a lot of challenges and interests in play. It is a football party with enormous dimensions. The global reach is massive and the football party’s emotional equity touches people from all corners of the world. The commercial […]

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Football and power – an inevitable marriage in the most popular sport worldwide

Football is a ‘money game’, which I have highlighted in previous posts on this blog. As a result of the huge flow of money in the most appealing and popular sport globally, there are also significant ramifications such as the natural power battles and missions, which are often interrelated with apparent cashflows. Football has undergone […]

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Real Madrid’s earning power

Real Madrid leads Deloitte’s ‘Money List’ in terms of revenues. Part of Real Madrid’s success is associated with the club’s attractiveness for sponsors. This year, Real Madrid signed a shirt-sponsorship deal with Emirates (airline) – a 5-year deal with an annual value of approximately $39 mio (Sport Marketing Frontiers, 2013). To exemplify Real Madrid’s brand […]

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