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NBA, LeBron James and global branding of basketball

The presence of super star players reflects a profitable narrative in the sports-entertainment-nexus of the American sports economy and the NBA. In historic light, the NBA is a sports product, which was boosted by the successful co-branding associated with players like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Hakeem Olajuwon, Julius Erving, Earvin ’Magic’ Johnson and […]

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Football economy: Iceland’s top performances reveal that talent development is about optimizing your resources.

Stjarnan FC from Iceland’s top football division found a way to articulate Icelandic football years ago when highlighting the team’s goal celebrations on YouTube, see video below. Now, Iceland has found a more effective way to break through and position itself on the global football map.

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Fan Engagement – a comparative look at the Danish Super League and the German Bundesliga

Football has a strong history and is by far sport number one in Germany. The Bundesliga made a healthy development in terms of early investments in new and modern stadiums. Some nations have forgotten that. Italy is a clear example of that. It may have been too easy to attract people previously but some nations […]

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Liverpool FC kommer retur til Aalborg i april og maj, 2014 – lær mens du er i kontakt med et af verdens bedste fodboldbrands

Vi (UCN Sport Management) har endnu engang fået lov til at køre videreuddannelse i samarbejde med Liverpool FC og London School of Business and Finance…Det bliver igen i år på Aalborg Stadion i samarbejde med AaB…Det henvender sig primært til folk, som ønsker at optimere deres viden om ledelsesmæssige kompetencer, folk indenfor erhvervslivet, men også […]

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