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Discussing advantages of applying ‘strategic CSR’ in the business of sports

The intersection between ’strategic CSR’ and sports branding has a capacity to integrate stakeholders’ experiences with a brand and the psychological meaning or value attached to a brand given the interactionist nature of sports branding (Cortsen, 2013), i.e. the symbolic and experiential characteristics of brand image and the fact that brand attitudes are founded upon […]

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The football transfer market illustrates the transformation economy

Pine & Gilmore’s (1999) bestselling book “The Experience Economy – work is theater & every business a stage” marked the concept’s (i.e. experience economy) rapid blossoming. Following the development of economic offerings, which ranges from the economization of 1) commodities (in the agrarian economy), 2) goods (in the industrial economy), 3) services (in the service economy) […]

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ATP World Tour Finals – persuasive annual growth

Sponsorship earnings have had a positive impact on the revenue streams of ATP World Tour Finals. In 2013, Sponsorship revenues for the event account for approximately £15 mio. That number equals about 25% of ATP’s overall sponsorship revenues this year (Sport Marketing Frontiers, 2013). Photo: the event’s official web site. Overall, the event’s commercial development […]

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Gæsteindlæg: OK Benzin & sportsmarketing

Skrevet af danske sportsmanagement-studerende: Diana Jacobi, Mikkel Kallestrup Johansen, Cecilia Oddermose, Jes Sonnichsen & Ann-Charlotte Christiansen – (red. Kenneth Cortsen). Nedenstående indlæg kaster et blik på OK Benzin og anvendelsen af sportsmarketing som led i firmaets brandmanagement. Awareness   Vi kender alle de sjove reklamer fra tv vedr. det lokale fodboldhold, der deler baner med spydkasterne[1] […]

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Football marketing – activation of players and coaches – Liverpool FC case

Research has shown that sports stars and celebrities are very influential in relation to young sports fans regarding these fans’ behavioral intentions in switching products, producing brand loyalty and word-of-mouth. That concludes that sports stars are significant socialization with huge potential of impact on purchase intentions and consumption patterns (Dix et al., 2010; Appelbaum et […]

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