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FIFA’s current crisis is a ‘shitstorm’ for corporate sponsors

The international football association FIFA is amidst another huge media crisis after Swiss police arrested some of FIFA’s top executives on Wednesday and charging them with money-laundering and other criminal acts linked to this ongoing corruption investigation. There is no doubt that this has smeared FIFA’s overall corporate brand and its acclaimed World Cup brand […]

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Boston shows potential for Olympic innovation and re-branding – the case of the 2024 Olympic Summer Games

Photo: US Olympic Team supporting Boston’s bid for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games (source: US Olympic Team, official Twitter account). In the past week, people with an interest for major sports events have discussed whether or not the US Olympic Committee (U.S.O.C.) should bid for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games. There is no doubt that a major sports […]

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Looking at the potential corruption associated with FIFA, the World Cup and its commercial engine

One day before the start of the FIFA World Cup, negative media turmoil surrounds football’s leading sports governing body (FIFA). Claims regarding corruption in association with Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup bid highlight a potential scandal for FIFA right before the start of football’s biggest party. With the scale of the FIFA World Cup in […]

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Football and power – an inevitable marriage in the most popular sport worldwide

Football is a ‘money game’, which I have highlighted in previous posts on this blog. As a result of the huge flow of money in the most appealing and popular sport globally, there are also significant ramifications such as the natural power battles and missions, which are often interrelated with apparent cashflows. Football has undergone […]

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