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Innovation, glamour, excitement and maximum speed – business case of F1 star Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a sporting super star athlete succeeding in crafting an image that blends the ‘full speed’ perception of a Formula 1 champion with the energy and coolness that helps to differentiate Hamilton from most of his competitors in F1 and the world of sports. These characteristics has shaped Hamilton’s image for years and […]

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The impact of technology and other WINNING investments on the business of sports

As a result of the rapid growth of commercialization and globalization in the business of sports, it has been stressed that sport is about WINNING. Although, this statement may seem cynical for some people it is clear that the business of sports in our contemporary society is about making a positive difference on and off […]

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A look at how brand positioning may work with sports sponsorships

When engaging themselves in sports sponsorships, rights holders as well as sponsors should emphasize an optimal integration of ‘brand positioning’ (objective) in the sponsorship solution. The vitality of this process is aligned with what the involved brands want to be associated with, i.e. how the brands would like consumers (and other stakeholders) to perceive them. […]

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