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Premier League’s most viable players – Robin Van Persie leads the commercial show

As a natural follow-up on my perspective on Neymar’s commercial potential on this blog, it is interesting to look at the new English Premier season and its star players. In that regard, ‘REPUCOM’s Celebrity DBI tracker’ found that Robin Van Persie from Manchester United was the star player of the Premier League, who offers sponsors […]

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VM i fodbold – kan det betale sig at investere i sådanne mega-events?

Problemstillinger i forhold til afholdelse af VM i fodbold, d.v.s. kan det betale sig?  Der vurderes også på incitamenterne for at afholde VM….Check nedenstående radioindslag efter 1:23:10 Værtsnationen skal gøre op med sig selv, hvad de skal have ud af at afholde en mega-event som VM i fodbold, hvilket skal sammenholdes med den økonomiske investering […]

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Why are mega-events in sport so interesting for brands?

My latest post about the UEFA Champions League final reflects how and why brands are looking to ‘score commercially‘ by taking advantage of the ‘emotional equity’ associated with mega-events in sport. These events fuse considerable amounts of fnas and hence create a sense of unity among these fans and the brands tied to the specific […]

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High brand value in the football economy

Global reach and management of brand assets are important parameters for football brands striving to maximize their brand value. Manchester United is a great example of a football brand, which has succeeded in terms of ‘going global’ and maximizing its revenue streams and brand value. According to BBC News, Manchester United recently reported a record […]

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