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The need for CASH in football leading to somewhat bizarre commercial partnerships

I recall reading an article in the online sports edition of the Guardian about odd instances of ‘football marketing’. The article mentioned that Manchester United had an ‘official noodles partner’ and Liverpool FC sold branded body mops. Delving into that matter, the article raised the question “what has happened to elite sport?” One of the […]

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The modern framework for sport events: be entertained and transformed

If the mantra for sport events is that fans want to be entertained and transformed through extraordinary experiences, it is no wonder that event managers are pursuing to create new frameworks for sport events. Setting new standards and coming up with differentiated solutions make sense from a business perspective based on the intensive competition for […]

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Tim Tebow’s kaleidoscopic brand evolution

  Since coming off the bench and helping his former team Denver Broncos into the playoff in last year’s NFL season, Tim Tebow’s brand status has experienced ‘rollercoaster’ progression. In the NFL playoff last season, the ‘Tebow’ name received extremely high rates of exposure and recognition at several platforms ranging from political speeches to social […]

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