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Objectives of sport sponsorship and the threat of ambush marketing

The objectives of sport sponsorship are multiple. An important one in a harsh business setting is to meet any competitive threats in the sense of taking advantage of sponsorship opportunities and exploiting these opportunities to stop competitors from reaching out for the same opportunities. Still, meeting this objective may not be enough as competitors engaging […]

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People have been ‘framed’ by Lance Armstrong

Jossey-Bass published the book The Art of Framing: Managing the Language of Leadership by Gail Fairhurst and Robert Sarr back in 1996. In the book, the authors talk about the ability to ‘manage meaning’ through the use of discursive tools, i.e. stories, contrasts, metaphors, traditions, spin, artifacts and slogans. These tools work as a potent […]

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Sports sponsorship and access to fans and emotional equity

“Sports sponsorship should be about storytelling and experiential.”  Edgar Kuipers, client services director, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam   I read that citation in an article in Marketing Magazine and the tagline sounds populist but nonetheless very reasonable in my ears. In my world (if I set myself free of textbook definitions of marketing), marketing is about relationships. […]

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