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The application of ‘strategic CSR’ in the sports industry

From strategic and commercial angles, corporate social responsibility (CSR) can definitely be applied in the sports industry as an innovative tool to achieve profitable value creation. In their research, Bradish & Cronin (2009) state that “over the past decade, there has been a groundswell of support within the sports industry to be ‘good sports’, as […]

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Economic and branding impact of the Super Bowl

“IT WILL TAKE MORE THAN A HISTORIC RECESSION AND A PLAYER LOCKOUT TO SACK THE BUSINESS OF FOOTBALL.” (FORBES, 2011)   Last night’s Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens is the biggest party in American sports. The business of football has strong cultural and commercial roots manifested in the American […]

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Manchester United valued at more than $3 billion

When assessing the well-known corporate brands like DHL, Smirnoff, and Toshiba, one may ask what they have in common? From a corporate sponsorship angle, they are all official sponsors of Manchester United and hence are associated with one of the sports industry’s strongest corporate brands. In that regard, Manchester United has done extremely well in […]

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The Olympic Games – creating ’emotional equity’ linked to athletes, fans & consumers

Watch my interview with Rodrigo Pacheco from Peru, participant in the London 2012 Olympic Games (badminton), sport management graduate & practitioner. The interview gives you insight into an athlete’s experience with the Olympic Games. It also discusses the impact of ’emotional equity’ as it relates to commercialization of sports.  

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Nike – utilizing events to facilitate brand experiences

By Kenneth Cortsen, inspiration from a 2010 visit to Nike’s HQ in Oregon, the US.   Writing down memories and thoughts regarding specific situations and experiences on the wall may serve great purposes in terms of creating brand experiences. That is a way to depict the emotions leading to, integrated into and related to the […]

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