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Economic and branding impact of the Super Bowl

“IT WILL TAKE MORE THAN A HISTORIC RECESSION AND A PLAYER LOCKOUT TO SACK THE BUSINESS OF FOOTBALL.” (FORBES, 2011)   Last night’s Super Bowl XLVII between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens is the biggest party in American sports. The business of football has strong cultural and commercial roots manifested in the American […]

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Sports sponsorship and access to fans and emotional equity

“Sports sponsorship should be about storytelling and experiential.”  Edgar Kuipers, client services director, Havas Worldwide Amsterdam   I read that citation in an article in Marketing Magazine and the tagline sounds populist but nonetheless very reasonable in my ears. In my world (if I set myself free of textbook definitions of marketing), marketing is about relationships. […]

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Increasing commercialization in men’s tennis

ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) has been capable of increasing prize money and budget in a rough economic climate. One of the reasons for this development may be related to sponsorship research showing that sports sponsorships have shown growth tendencies on a global scale despite the bumpy economic climate the past couple of years. That […]

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The modern framework for sport events: be entertained and transformed

If the mantra for sport events is that fans want to be entertained and transformed through extraordinary experiences, it is no wonder that event managers are pursuing to create new frameworks for sport events. Setting new standards and coming up with differentiated solutions make sense from a business perspective based on the intensive competition for […]

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